About Equipment

We are in the process of installing a DolbySR Stereo sound system. When it’s completed, we will ad some photos, and descriptions.

The Town Theatre was built in 1946 and we still use most of the original equipment. The projector heads are RCA 100’s with RCA 60’s as backups. We use 6000 foot reels to avoid the changeovers needed with the older 2000 foot reels We have Brenkhert lamp houses and use carbon arc for the light.

The sound system is a redundant 25 watt Simplex mono, through a passive two-way crossover. The redundancy is so if one amp fails, it can be changed to the other amp with a flick of a switch.

The speakers are located behind the screen, They consist of an exponential horn for the high frequency drivers, and two stacked 15″ folded horn bass bins. The high frequency horn is driven by what we believe to be two eight inch compression drivers, but we don’t have the documentation on them. The bass cabinets are about five feet square, and four feet deep. There is an additional one underneath the one visible in the photo.

Or, at least that’s the information I had about them, until Bob Heil had a gander at the site, and added:
…those look like the good ole RCA W bins…ala Harry Olson type with the Altec sand filled multi array horns. I would image that somewhere along the way someone replaced the old original RCA woofers with EV but I would bet those wonderful ole W bins were Harry’s RCA beauties…Have them at the Fox as well as the Lincoln and I used four of them on the road for years….long before the word “subwoofer” was coined! Man, do they have some low end. We have the true 16′ variety…yours are the 8′ horns. Great stuff…eh?

So once again I am indebted to Bob for the many times he’s helped me over the last 20 years. Did I mention he’s the best guy out there for audio?

Heil Sound Ltd.